Around Mijas Livestream with Alan Boardman - Simply Surviving Group

The Simply Surviving group was set up by Valerie Williams to support local businesses during the Covid Crisis, and then she decided it would be a good idea to raise funds for charitable organisations at the some time. A different charity benefits from this gesture each month.

3rd June. Alan Boardman with Valerie Williams and Esther Ráez Martínez of Cudeca talking about the Simply Surviving Group

22nd July, Alan Boardman talking with Amaya Isert, founder of Donkey Dreamland

7th August, with Michel Euesden, owner of the Euro Weekly Newspaper, talking about the role of the press in supporting the world of charity

16th September with Steve Marshall from Age Concern, Fuengirola, Mijas, and Benalmadena, taking about the work they do and how they can help.

14th October with Susan Barns Founder of the Equine charity S.E.A.R.C.H   Sue talkabout setting up the refuge and rehoming centre for horses and ponies, and the chellenges faced on a daily basis.