What is the Padrón?

The Padrón is the the Town Hall Register of Residents. You should be on this if you spend up to three months in Mijas. The money  which Mjias Council receives from Central Government is based on the number of people on the Padrón. By simply registering you will attract money for services. This has nothing to do with Tax Residency and will not affect your taxes.

The Certificate of Registration is the document which certifies that you live, or have lived for a period of time in Mijas, regardless of your nationality or legal status, registration in the Register. Inscription on the Register gives you the status of a Mijas resident.

The Council will apply discounts on cultural activities, sports and rubbish collection rates.

The Council organises activities for the elderly (trips, excursions, meals, workshops).

You can register in Mijas and remain a tax resident in another country.

To Register you will need

Photocopy and original of your Passport

Photocopy and original of your rental contract, or a signed authorization by the owner of the home you are living in. 

If you own a property: a copy of your Title deedsOR a receipt of payment of Council Tax, or Rubbish collection, with your name on it, and the address where you wish to be registered.

This is a simple process but makes  a valuable contribution to Mijas.